With the ever increasing value of our vehicles it makes sense to protect them and in fact many insurance companies will now insist on a Thatcham standard alarm system. Motorhome alarms installations are not as simple as cars because there are often many more doors to cover plus the interior volume of a motorhome is far greater than the standard ultrasonic sensors in the cab can cover.

We Can supply and fit Thatcham Cat 1 Motorhome Alarms. Thatcham is a UK based approval system for vehicle security products which are covered in different categories, Cat 1 is for alarms, Cat 2 is for immobilisers etc.

All modern vehicles will come from the factory with a Thatcham Cat 2 certified immobiliser installed which gives a security status for the vehicle of Category 2. These systems work through a transponder in the ignition key which is “read” when the key is inserted into the ignition switch, no transponder or a wrong transponder response and the engine will simply not start.

The majority of alarms we install fall into the category of “2-1 upgrade” and what this actually means is the motorhome security, or any vehicle for that matter, status has been upgraded from Thatcham 2 to Thatcham 1.

Which alarm is right for your vehicle will depend on the vehicle, the three main systems we offer are:

Laserline L212, A Cat 1 certified alarm system for vehicles without remotely operated central locking.

  • Modular system
  • Waterproof high power battery back up siren
  • Two random code three button remote controls with long life lithium batteries
  • Panic facility
  • Ultrasonic interior sensors(switchable)
  • Universal central locking control *some vehicles may require additional parts to activate central locking*


Laserline L278, A Cat 1 certified alarm system for vehicles equipped with remotely operated central locking.

  • Modular system
  • Utilises the vehicle manufacturers original remote controls to securely arm and disarm the alarm
  • Waterproof high power battery back up siren
  • Ultrasonic interior sensors(switchable)
  • Two touch keys for use if the original remote control fails


Laserline L691T, A Cat 1 certified system for more modern vehicles with CANBUS electronics.

  • Modular Can Bus system
  • Utilises the vehicle maufacturers original remote controls to securely arm and disarm the alarm
  • Waterproof high power battery back up siren
  • Two override touch keys
  • Vehicle Can Bus data pre-installed
  • Installer selectable vehicle make and model applications
  • Ultrasonic interior sensors(switchable)
  • Flashing LED


These three main options form the basis for your security alarm system but on their own will not give full cover to large coachbuilt motorhomes. Additional options are:

Door switches, the standard alarm system covers the original cab doors but won’t cover additional doors such as the habitation door or locker/garage doors. These additional door switches extend the alarm system to cover those doors.

Internal PIR sensor, as already mentioned the standard ultrasonic sensors (part of the Thatcham Category 1 requirements) will not cover the full volume of a motorhome so we recommend the installation of a PIR (Passive Infra Red) sensor in the rear of the motorhome to cover the additional interior volume. Both the ultrasonic sensors and the PIR can be switched off to enable arming of the alarm while you stay inside.