Seating and Heating

Campervan Conversion

The Citreon Relay campervan conversion has been progressing steadily although I’m a little slow at updating the blog.  We now have the ceiling in place opting to use the ceiling panels that Billy had previously fitted, no point throwing out good material and it was already cut to size.  The van walls are now ply lined and most of the electrics are in place.

ply lined walls campervan conversion
The Walls are all ply lined and clad with Veltrim silver finishing carpet.

To finish the floor we have used a wood effect vinyl floor covering glued down, messy job but it gives a spill safe floor covering.

the rebuilt rear seats campervan conversion
We rebuilt the rear seating area including the raised floor in between but this time it is only raised in between the seats.

We rebuilt the rear seating area including the raised floor in between but this time it is only raised in between the seats.  The heating system comprises a Truma E2400 blown air unit mounted under the offside rear seat and will have four outlets: one in the rearmost part of this seat base, one into the washroom, one in the front centre of the raised floor and one at the front of the kitchen unit.  To accommodate the ducting the front 100mm of the raised floor will have a fixed panel but the remainder has been divided into six storage compartments with a removable top panel, this panel then forms the infill for the bed, its made from 12mm thick cherry veneered ply with strengthening battens glued and biscuit jointed to the underside.

Ceiling of the campervan conversion
We opted to use the ceiling panels previously fitted, it was cut to size and there is no need to waste good material.

The nearside seat base houses the Truma Ultrastore water heater and will house the fresh water tank and water pump.  Because Billy had originally raised the entire rear floor level the Ultrastore required a 100mm high raised plinth to support it so a simple and lightweight support was made from 9mm lightweight ply and covered with floor vinyl for protection.  As the Ultrastore is not new we gave it a full strip down overhaul first and the same will be done for the E2400.

rebuilt overcab campervan conversion
The overcab area has been rebuilt and clad with Veltrim Silver finishing carpet.

The overcab area has been rebuilt with a new plywood base and the whole thing is now clad with “Veltrim” finishing carpet in silver.  The ceiling has also been clad with the same Veltrim.  Ceiling lights consisting of two round units which will be double switched (one by the sliding door and one at the rear near the head of the bed), these will have LED bulbs fitted.

We plan to keep the citreon relay campervan conversion blog up to date with the progress we make. Check back regularly or follow us on facebook for updates. Dave Newell LVS Facebook Page