Cupboards and Mechanics

Other work has taken precedence in the workshop so few hours have been spent on the conversion but I have managed to get the fridge into position and started building the high level cupboards.  Billy had used a lot of stuff from a retired late model caravan including cupboard doors so I’ve utilised them.  The high level doors are top hung on spring loaded hinges so no catches are required to keep them closed.  Cupboard base is 9mm ply with a 25mmX25mm Tee aluminium bar along the front edge, this adds stiffness and provides a flange below to carry the LED strip lighting.  The cupboards are also divided with 9mm ply mounted to the roof and base with 25mm angle aluminium for strength and lightness then the whole thing is Veltrim lined.

As we are aiming to deliver this conversion very soon I took the opportunity to service it before it went for MOT.  This was the first time I’d really looked at the mechanicals of this van and it proved to be not a pretty sight.  The cooling system header tank had oil in it, the brake pads were all crumbling, all four brake callipers had partially seized slides and half of the exhaust heat shield was missing.  I believe the cooling system oil content was simply a leftover from a damaged heat exchanger so a drain flush and refill was in order along with the same for the braking system hydraulics due to moisture content.  Then it failed the MOT! Not on much I hasten to add, poor windscreen wiper performance needing only two new blades, a broken wire causing intermittent operation of the number plate lamps and a passenger seat belt that wouldn’t latch into its receptacle.  Turns out there are a couple of slightly different designs for the seat belt buckle and we had a non matching set on the passenger seat.  As the belt itself has some slight fraying we’re replacing it completely.Citreon Relay Camprvan Conversion Interior Cupboards Citreon Relay Camprvan Conversion Interior Cupboards