Cruise Control

Cruise control is a means of electronic road speed control which enables safer driving and enhanced driver comfort, instead of having to constantly monitor one’s speed and adjust the throttle pedal accordingly you can just sit back and let the cruise control take care of your speed. No more risking a speeding fine by inadvertently straying over the limit while looking for your campsite. Cruise control can in some instances improve fuel consumption by maintaining a steady cruising speed.

We supply and fit a number of aftermarket systems suitable for your motorhome, campervan or car and the right system depends on your preference and base vehicle. All our systems with installation are currently £400 – £460. Cruise control can typically be installed on your vehicle within half a day and as quick as a couple of hours in some instances.

Dave Newell LVS have been fitting cruise control for over 15 years and have many happy customers ‘cruising’ the country and europe. Located in Telford in the west midlands we are easy to reach from the majority of U.K. Telford has a lot of history and Complimentary tickets to the Ironbridge Gorge Museums are now available for customers while work is being done in the workshop.

For those travelling a bit further and wanting an over night stay, our unit is 400 yards from the Severn Gorge Park.

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    For some drive by wire installations the fully electronic Laserline AP900 system is the best option. This system offers all the normal benefits of cruise control but in a totally electronic package with no moving parts other than the command module. This unit with the CM35 stalk is £418.86 fitted

    The latest generation of (EURO5) Ducato/Boxer/Relay as well as Mercedes Sprinter based motorhomes are best suited to the AP900C which integrates seamlessly with the vehicles CAN-BUS system.

    The two most popular command modules for the driver are:

    The CM35 Stalk which provides set, accelerate, resume, on/off and two preset speed settings.

    The Dash mounted CM7 which Provides set, accelerate, resume, on/off functions.

    We can also supply and fit Cruise Control on other vehicles. Contact us to find out more on what we can do for you.