Dave is now Gas Safe registered  for LPG gas installation work, and has received training from Truma and Alde on their products specific to Motorhomes and Caravans.

We are a Truma approved service centre so can do repair work and servicing on all Truma products. We can also carry out replacement of equipment where necessary.

On Motorhomes or Caravans there is not just the engine and chassis that needs servicing on a regular basis, and would highly recommend a Gas Inspection on the entire gas installation, including the Fridge which we will service (clean burner,flue) if accessible in place, if it is not possible to do in place we can remove the fridge to service it. We will also carry out a Flue Gas Analysis on space heaters, water heaters and fridges.

Steel Gas Cylinders

We offer everything from Gas inspections for self build converters which some insurance insist on to installing refillable gas cylinders or underslung Tanks. We can offer both sizes of Refillable gas Cylinders 6kg or 11kg in Steel or the 11kg in Aluminium if weight is an issue, all these options have the 80% shut off valve in them, these cylinders are becoming more popular for people who travel abroad a lot as they don’t have to buy different bottles they can just fill up like they would the fuel tank.

Aluminium Gas Cylinders save on weight

Like the cylinders an underslung tank is becoming more popular if you only have room for the smaller bottles and are planning a long trip it could be worth seeing if there is space for an underslung tank, this can free up a locker and still give the convenience of not having to lift another gas bottle. the size of tank that can be fitted under the vehicle is dependent on space available on each van it is not a one size fits all, as fuel tanks, hand brake cables, water tanks, steps, exhaust all play a part.